The new monster-update of Monster Eggs brings us many improvements!

After a little break we have become more monstrous than ever in the spooky month! Monster eggs comes loaded with many additions that expand in an incredible way the possibilities within the page, adding new payment methods thus being able to withdraw your money instantly, in addition to eliminating the physical prizes to go on to withdraw them in cash! We’ve expanded the way players rank on the page with an experience and rank system, we’ll talk more about all of this later.

Small review of the update

The page is expanding and growing little by little. This time we have another update which improves the user experience even more. What do you think if we talk a little more in detail?

Changes in the way you receive prizes on the page!

As you know previously, you had the possibility of filling out the different albums on the page to later withdraw your physical prizes, now, with the new update, you can withdraw them directly in cash! In addition to this, in order to optimize this area of the page, different payment and deposit methods have been added. These would be: Faucet Pay and Payeer, the latter offering you the possibility to withdraw your prizes instantly! And yet we do not stop raising the idea of adding more payment methods to the page, but I will be talking about it in the future…

New additions!

We have added new mechanics enriching the game on the page! A system of ranks was added with which you can measure your level and status in the game with an experience (XP) system which is linked to your rank, the more experience you get, the higher rank you can get in your account. Rank up now will be vital, if you want to increase your rank this is achieved by fighting, the more battles you win your account will be able to rank up more easily.

Speaking of the rank system, it works like in any other competitive game you start with the lowest possible level to increase your rank level, very soon you will be able to receive cash prizes depending on your rank!

At Monster-Eggs we listen to our users and that is why this new update has brought us many new additions which have been suggested by you through our networks @monstereggs_game (Don’t forget to follow us so as not to miss any news) such as the new payment methods. In order to expand the possibilities of the page and take it to the next level we have brought this update and many more on the way… That’s it for today and don’t forget staay winning and stay spooky!!!

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