Let’s talk about the new Ranks and medals system

Hi! what’s up, as you know, the new update brought us incredible implementations as usual, one of them is a new system of ranks in addition to medals, which are linked to the battles between monsters! This system will allow you to take your account to another level depending on how long you have been playing Monster-Eggs.

Monster-Eggs is still a game and as in all games a competitive system is almost essential, with the update this hierarchy system is added to the game mechanics through your level of play/playing time you can make your account has more value!

What are the medals for in the game?

The medals are also part of this update, similar to the ranks but different, these are shown on your profile and function as part of your achievements on the page, now you can quickly know the status, time and knowledge of a player just by looking your medals on your profile. There are 6 in total.

To be able to claim your medal it is necessary that you reach a certain amount of xp, the xp you can get by fighting. The medals also have within them a system of hierarchies going from Started to the most basic, until of course reaching the medal that consecrates you as a monster master, the Elite medal. Each of these medals requires a certain level of xp to claim them from your profile and I tell you now:

  • For the Started medal you will need: 5 xp
  • For the Good Streak medal you will need: 50 xp
  • For The Boss medal you will need: 100 xp
  • For the Killler medal you will need: 500 xp
  • For the Royal medal you will need: 5000 xp
  • For the Elite medal you will need: 10000 xp

The Ranking system and the new competitiveness

To motivate the most enthusiastic of the battles between monsters, as I already mentioned, a system of Ranks was implemented, substantially enriching the competitiveness, in addition to offering prizes in precious diamonds to buy exclusive objects and make your account much stronger with new more powerful monsters, shields and more! Now you will take your account to different levels of rank and you will get rewards for it. I will explain it to you right now:

Ranks and awards:

  • To be a Noob rank you need 0 xp and you will receive 0 diamonds as a prize
  • To be a Sold rank you need 5 xp and you will receive 1 diamonds as a prize
  • To be Silver rank you need 50 xp and you will receive 5 diamonds as a prize
  • To be a Bronze rank you need 250 xp and you will receive 50 diamonds as a prize
  • To be Iron rank you need 500 xp and you will receive 100 diamonds as a prize
  • To be an Elite rank you need 1000 xp and you will receive 200 diamonds as a prize
  • To be Immortal rank you need 5000 xp and you will receive 300 diamonds as a prize
  • To be Platinum rank you need 10,000 xp and you will receive 500 diamonds as a prize

Xp Tops and prizes!

The ranks and experience have a purpose and this is to be able to be in the different categories of Tops, these being 2: the category of Global xp Top and Weekly xp Top offering you the possibility of positioning yourself on the page as the best player, being the xp the most important element to be in the Top. Not only does it serve as a way to be symbolically at the top of the page, there are also prizes for being at the top of the page! So staying at the top may be a goal in this new phase of Monster-Eggs.

That is all for now. What do you think of these competitive additions? Without a doubt they expand our possibilities in the game, tell us on our networks you get us as @monstereggs_game on instagram and on Facebook as And don’t forget to stay winning in the spooky month!!!

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