This way you can make up to $500 USD with the albums on Monster Eggs!

Hey how’s everything? Today I have come to talk to you about amounts and figures! Precisely how much money you can make with the rewards album, today I will give you insides, tips so that you can also know how much you could earn on the page and I will tell you a way in which you can get the money instead of the prize in physical.

Many times when we think about making money online, the least thing that comes to mind is winning playing, in Monster Eggs you can do that in different ways, all of which are explained in the different articles that we have on the Monster Blog, but today I am here to talk to you once again about the albums through another perspective and talking about the process of turning your eggs into real money and quite significant if you decide to put in the effort at it.

Let’s talk about the albums

The albums are this mechanic and section of the page this serves as motivation to get all the different types of Monsters which are in the game, this works through the reward system for completing each album in the game. I already talked about this topic in an article that you can go to check if you want (Here is the link: know more about it, but in the same way I will give you a review.

When monsters came out of their egg, they immediately leave you a letter from that same monster automatically hosted in the corresponding album, these albums are created from the types of monsters that exist in the game that for those who are not familiar are 6, these are the types A, B, C, D, E and S (the latter does not have a rewards album), when you complete any of the albums you will receive different rewards each proportional to the rarity level of your monster, with which you can get money and I’ll tell you more about it.

Having briefly explained about the albums we can go on to talk about how to get money with the prizes.

How to get money from the album

The main benefit you get when completing any album are the prizes which range from Iphones, Playstation, Drones and etc, in addition to the reward in Coins, Diamonds and different special Monsters, the same rewards that are of vital importance to grow in the game , since with diamonds you can accelerate your process of growing on the page (which obviously translates into more money obtained and prizes in the long run), allowing you many more possibilities and saving time, also with the coins that are essential for the game system, the ways to obtain eggs I already explained in previous articles you can always go to some to learn more about it, obtaining eggs is necessary when looking to fill the album to open them and have that possibility of obtaining a new monster that you have not had in the collection to fill the album.

The way to get the benefits in your wallet

Once you fill your album, the album you filled, you must claim your prize on the page and for that there are several options.

Suppose you filled all the type E album, you can claim the prize by going to the album area, clicking on “ See album rewards ” will take you to the section where you can see the prizes from gift cards, iPhones to drones and play stations, once you identify the type of album you filled out and clicking on ” Claim Rewards ” you can claim your prizes and this is where the administration of the page comes in by contacting you and sending you a confirmation email, the page will offer you different ways to send your prize, this is where that way to earn money with the albums is because you can ask to send the money to any payment processor you want or in an amazon gift card (What in the case of the Prize for the type E album would be approximately $ 300 USD).

This is in many ways very beneficial when it comes to obtaining monetary income from the page because it is a way to get a high income from the amount you get with the album, but one thing that must be highlighted about this and that is that You can only complete the album once, so you will not be able to fill in the album that you have completed again, the same thing happens if you claim the biggest prize on the page by filling all the albums, although without a doubt everything that the albums offer you as diamonds monsters to continue completing your collection by fighting and winning more monsters is still great.

In this way you can get the benefits of the album without necessarily obtaining the prizes but the money for you and that you do what you want with it, it is a good inside of the page of course that later in a new update that will be implemented natively in the page but for now we have that option in this way. Without much more to say, do not forget to consult any questions through our social networks and follow us on them, stay tune, stay winning and stay spooky!!!

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