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Hey what’s up!? We have a new update on the page: Personal profiles. The update of the profiles brings an incredible fresh air to the page expanding a lot the current possibilities of socialization, now you can have a profile, place a bio defining yourself or with the message to the world you want, your friends can find you and you can find them or your enemies can find you and ask for revenge. As always all the details below.

In this section you can manage your friends in your opinion, once you enter you can see all your friends you can choose if you want the page to show you 10 at a time up to 100 depending on what you want to do and how it makes you more comfortable . The way to see your friends is divided into 3 basic sections which are Username, Status, Actions.

I will go part by part explaining everything that the profiles make up, ok? here we go…

Your Profile

The changes with this update are quite remarkable changing in a subtle way but in some very noticeable way when entering the page, now we have a change when we click on the upper right area where your name is. ”Profile” is the new section that we find when we take a look, we see that it takes us to a section where we can see our monsters in addition to editing your avatar, thus being able to choose the one of your preference.

Choose your avatar

This new section to choose your avatar brings a fresh air of personalization to the page you can choose whatever you want (obviously with its restrictions you will not be able to choose images with offensive or sexual content), by clicking on edit your avatar You can choose between placing a URL or choosing a file that you have in your storage, it offers you the possibility of searching for it (Personally, if they choose a very good meme it would be great).

Your Bio

This area is part of the set of updates in the social area of the page. In your bio you can place the same message that will be shown to other users when they visit your profile, in other words, it is your greeting message to the vast world of Monster Eggs (Obviously with the same restrictions you will not be able to choose a message in your Bio with explicit content, insults and others). When you enter to change in Bio on the right side of the Profile section, you will find a simple box where you can place your message, click on the summit and it would be published.

When you visit another profile you will see a blocking option if you do not want to receive any type of notification about it.


In the comments area that you will find at the end of the Profile section you can leave messages, comments, or anything that a friend wants to comment on, whether it is a rival looking for revenge or a user wanting to be your friend, when a user leaves you a comment, you can click to take you to his profile and make him your friend. In Monster Eggs the community is very cool and friendly but we know what the internet is like and so far there is none but if you find yourself an annoying user or a troll you could contact us at our email or through networks to delete your comment and take care of it.

How to make friends?

In the access panel that you have on the left you will find a new section called ” Social ” this is part of those small differences that I was talking about at the beginning, by clicking on it you will find two sections’ ‘Search Friends” and ‘ ‘View My Friends” The Search Friends section is the one you will use to search for friends, I will explain them to you:

Search Friends

Once you click on Search Friends it will send you to the automatic search for friends section for now it is random to motivate the community to make more friends. We are also working on the option of manually searching for them by username. A solution to get a specific friend can be to enter your profile section, copy the link that is above in the browser, copy it and share it with your friend, once he clicks on it he will be able to access your profile and send you the friend request anyway in this section you will see random profiles, see their monsters, their name, profile picture and decide whether to send a friend request.

View My friends

As you can see, this new update is loaded with a new air to the page, now growing more and more in some sections and improving others. Without a doubt, it makes the page a more welcoming place for users by providing a better relationship between them, finally making their communication possible, as expected later we will have even more updates in which they will expand much beyond the limits of the page, As always, any questions do not hesitate to contact us through networks and follow us there stay tune, stay winning and stay spookyy!!!

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