Let’s talk about numbers: How much money can you make in Monsters Eggs

Hey what’s up!? Today I have come to talk to you about figures, what you can achieve with exchanges, explain the possibilities with real consequences for your wallet. I will give you 100% real insides, calculations and figures. This article is part of a series of articles talking about how much money you can win in the game and as always giving you insides, do not stop reading them!

As you will know here in Monster Eggs in addition to being a web game there are different ways to earn real money playing in it, this of course increases its possibilities and benefits much more when entering it, apart from making it attractive to the public I will tell you in detail that so many economic benefits can be obtained through the page.

How much money can you get with exchanges and what difficulty does it represent

By exchanging eggs on the page through the exchange system you can achieve large amounts of money, always depending on how much time and effort you put on the page to get eggs, or money that you introduce to the pages to shorten the amount of time invested in getting coins to buy eggs, although always being able to obtain them without investing, what I want to be clear is that you do not have to invest money if you do not want and still get rewards thus eliminating the famous ”Pay to win” from the equation (if you are familiar with video games you will understand this term).

In the Monster blog we have a topic dedicated to exchanges, you can search for it if you want to know more about the subject but explaining it simplified, on the page we offer you the possibility of exchanging your eggs for money (even instantly if you wish through Payeer), this amount increases as the level of rarity of your eggs being the Golden Eggs the highest denomination.

Let’s talk about numbers and tips for exchanges

Suppose you are a casual login user and you opt for the option to swap the eggs easier to get the white eggs. In this case we have:

  • 10 white eggs are equivalent to $0.10, so to take an average figure like 1 dollar, it will require 100 white eggs, as is logical, 5 dollars will require 500 eggs, and so on up to the amount that you want. Although if you are going to carry out an exchange of many eggs, it would be best to evolve them, we will talk about this below.

Now suppose you are a casual user but decide to spend more and more time on Monster Eggs and choose to exchange green eggs. The next level of white eggs are green eggs if they choose to evolve their white eggs in the incubator they will get more benefits by making their exchanges which could be:

  • 100 eggs is the minimum amount you must have to make a green egg exchange which would give you an amount of 5 dollars. If you have a considerable amount of white eggs it is best to evolve them to green in order to obtain a greater reward because 200 white eggs would be equivalent to 2 dollars and if you evolve them and get 100 green you will get 5 dollars there you can see the difference. So if you want 10 dollars you should exchange 200 green eggs or continue with the trend to evolve them and get more.

Now in this case we will assume you are already almost fully with the page on this decide about entering eggs monster constantly every day to achieve your goal on the page or decide to invest some money and evolve eggs to blue because the benefit it is even greater. In this case you could get:

  • Getting the amount of 100 blue eggs you can exchange them for 15 dollars, this amount being much higher so you will exchange 200 green eggs that would be the equivalent, at this point you already know this profit rule. Being that the most stable way to get good money relatively fast and constant would be this due to the level of difficulty in getting a large number of eggs to evolve them.

In this assumption you have already reached one of the Monster Eggs caps being that you already have enough referrals to generate eggs and coins even when you are not there, well, by generating these quantities you can evolve your eggs to black almost the top of the level of the eggs. In this case you generate:

  • 100 black eggs in the game are interchangeable in the game at 100 Dollars in real life! This is already quite a considerable amount and directly proportional to everything you have invested in the game and without being very far from reaching what else you will have it is patience, you would have to spawn approximately 800 white eggs to get this amount.

Now here is the other top of the page if you decided to wait twice as long as you waited to get the black eggs and you manage to generate 200 to turn them into golden ones because you would get:

  • 100 golden eggs when exchanging them generates an income of 500 dollars! For the payment platform that you prefer, as this is a large amount of money because it is treated in the way it deserves in terms of security and attention. You can get this figure as many times as you want, since it has no limits as long as you reach the amount of golden eggs.

You can see that the way to earn money in Monster Eggs is really lucrative, even if you decide to be an occasional player, being able to get $1, $5 or $15 or more round figures or proportional to the amount of eggs you have like $6 in 100 green eggs and 100 white eggs. The limit is really given by your capacity, also emphasize that there is no limit on the number of transactions you can make, being able to make changes as many times as you want and can. This is all for today the truth is that this entire article was quite explanatory in addition to giving you figures and insides. If you have any questions, do not forget to ask us through social networks you will find them on our page, with nothing more to say stay tune, stay winning and stay spoooky!!!

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