How to get many coins doing task on the page

Hey what’s up! Continuing with the topics of the last articles related to getting coins on the page, today I bring you a new method to generate those valuable coins in a quite substantial way, of course, always corresponding to the level of difficulty that the task requires, because yes, it is of minitasks or tasks for different pages which are dedicated to it, interesting no? Let’s get started!

Let’s talk about the tasks

Just like the homework you did in school, online homework is this method where you offer a service, usually completing different objectives which are given to you by companies, pages and others that need to comply with a specific action, that’s where you enter as an internet user. The immediacy of everything currently makes time worth more, many times the companies or pages of which I speak do not have time to cover all the necessary terrain in their project and offering it on the Internet by a reward they create a very interesting win-win system. Other companies also use these platforms to advertise their product without forgetting to mention that one of the ones that most often use this type of mini-tasks are companies that offer surveys, I will talk more about all this later.

What can you find in them

The tasks can be very varied and specific, they are usually simple, although if you want a reference of how they would be, they could be tasks of listening to music, translating texts, writing articles, categorizing photographs, conducting small surveys, watching videos, among others.

These online task platforms may be subject to change, although here I give you some information that works for almost all platforms, here it is:

Apps and tasks on your phone

On these platforms a very common way of tasks is to install apps, test them, give reviews, reach a certain level, etc. Being one of the most comfortable ways to complete the tasks if you decide to opt for it, I recommend you check the requirements of this task to follow them to the letter in addition to giving a quick view of the photos of the game, check that everything is in order before install it, they are usually pretty well done games.

Important: be attentive to the instructions when installing the app, they could indicate different objectives to complete the task 100%.


Another of the most common forms of tasks on these platforms are surveys, they have been in operation for many years. It consists of giving your opinion on different products, brands, events, etc. For them there are requirements that may vary between whether you are the target they are looking for, some other information about you in general such as if you are a student, work, your hobbies among others, there is no need to worry because they do not ask for very direct or specific personal information.

Important: complete your profile correctly on the platforms that indicate it so that the surveys are offered to you.

Watch online videos

Usually people around the world use these task methods as advertising and being that it is very efficient. Watching the number of videos that they indicate can make you earn a certain amount of coins corresponding to how many you see per day or how many the platform allows you.

Register in pages

Continuing with the line of companies or pages that use this method of tasks as advertising, there are the pages in which you are asked to register perhaps until you take a look to fulfill your task.

Important: Check what the objectives are on the page and if you can meet them.

To get coins in a large way is the best option and the one that I would recommend if you are going to take your stay at Monster Eggs to another level, the amount of coins you get is enough to advance a lot at a good speed, it would only be up to you to know how much time will you spend. Knowing all the information that I offered here you are already able to enter the task option on the page and make your way towards your goals in the game. I think there is not much more to say, ah yes! Remember to follow us on all our social networks, we will answer any of your possible questions and don’t forget to stay making your homework! And stay spooky!

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