How to get conis by playing minigames on!

Hi what’s up? I’m sure you want to know everything about how to climb in the game, following the theme of the recent articles (You can go to check them to know all the information) today I will talk about how you can use the minigames to generate coins and everything you need know let’s get started!

As you know if you read the other articles or just you got some time on page, the way you interact with the page and get rewards, Monsters and others is the coin is your tool most direct beyond other mechanics in the game and if you want to get but to perform any action either from feeding your monster so that he can go to battle or lay eggs, crush that egg or merge your eggs I am here to give you the keys on how to use the minigames to generate coins in a way that you do not have than to use real money for them, although this option is always available for very high amounts or simply to save time, because yes, generating coins in the game requires available time, we will delve into that later.

The minigames

On the page the ” Earning Coins ” section you can find different ways to get coins this time we will focus on the mini-games.

Being one of the most fun and ingenious ways to get coins. You can choose from a wide number of games separated by category, the catalog being so wide I am sure that you will be able to get your ideal game to pass the time while you get coins because these games are carefully chosen and I am sure that some of them will adapt to your taste be it a game or an entire category.

I will explain to you the conditions and characteristics to earn coins

To earn coins you must comply with its rules, these are the following:

  • You will need to deactivate your ad blocker: If you have an Ad Blocker like Adblock or similar, you should have it deactivated when playing because it is necessary to see the ads to get the coins.
  • Reach 1 minute of play: To get 1 coin you must spend 1 minute in the game enjoying it.
  • The limit of coins that you can win per game is 10, so enjoy it for 10 min if you like and you can move on to another in the catalog.

You have to make sure to touch the claim button each that appears on the screen as I said before, this will appear every minute you spend in the game, it is important that you be careful so that you do not take time from your next coin since if you leave it it will not accumulate.

In general it is a way to earn coins in an enjoyable way, what I think you should focus on is getting that game that entertains you and allows you to generate coins in a more enjoyable way due to the time it takes. The amount of coins you can get is linked to the amount of time you spend on it.

And that’s all for now, a great way to generate those valuable coins for the game is in front of you ready for you to get the most out of it, it only remains for you to know how much time you will invest in it to achieve your goals in the game. forget to follow us on our social networks and ask us any questions you have, don’t forget to stay tune and stay spookyy!

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