Invite people and get rewarded for it

Hi, what’s up? Continuing with the line of explaining the different ways to get rewards in the game, I am going to explain one of the most effective, this is the use of the game’s affiliate system. A referral system in a game? Yes! This tool works as a complement to all the others discussed on the blog to make you climb even more steps and achieve your goal in the game! I will explain how it works.

How to get affiliates?

Entering the Affiliate System section on the page (which is in the left column by clicking on: Other things, Affiliates) We can see all the info of this tool to keep track of including your registered referrals, your referrals with an activated account , the rewards to be obtained by the affiliates, your recent rewards and your recent referrals.

But here what would interest us to get our first affiliates is your affiliate link and banners, to promote with the link is the most direct way to get a referral, you only share it, the other person clicks and registers and you would already be counting on that person as your referral something similar happens for the banners, sharing the link of the same in the platforms that allow it only the presentation varies, being that the person has to click on the banner. The next step would be the activation of the referral to get the different rewards.

How do you activate a referral?

We all know that some type of referral verification is necessary on the internet, there are many cheaters looking to exploit those fragile spots where they are found, to avoid some type of trap when obtaining referrals there is the activation of the referral. These are activated by getting at least 1000 Coins, it can be through playing the minigames, performing the tasks or through the store.

Awards for getting affiliates

In case you don’t want to move a lot from page to page, here are the different rewards for getting affiliates and when they are obtained:

For each new activated referral you get: 100 Coins, 1 Green Egg and 10 Diamonds and 1 type A monster.

For each purchase in the store that makes a referral you get: 10% of the purchased item and 5 White Eggs

For each task completed by a referral on the task wall, you get: 10% of the task completed.

And the best for last, for each exchange of eggs that your referral makes, you earn 10% of that, that means that if your referral exchanges 100 white eggs you will get 10 white eggs as a reward

Referrals can be a good way to continue earning Coins and rewards even if you are not playing and so you can reach your goal in the game much faster, whether it be a cash prize or a physical prize, do not forget to follow us on our networks and ask any questions you have, we will answer them instantly! Stay winnin, stay tune and stay spooky!!!

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