How to get instant cash prizes by payeer!

Hey there! Can you imagine being able to get cash prizes instantly after meeting the requirement? This is already possible thanks to the new implementation in the exchanges, you will be able to get the prize at the moment of redeeming it, for now it is only available with the electronic payment processor Payeer. I will explain how it works, what you must have to get the prize and the benefits of using Payeer!

To exchange your prize you must meet the requirements indicated on the page, the minimum is 10 white eggs and the reward is $0.10 so when you get them you can exchange them and get the reward instantly using Payeer, although if you want to use one of the other payment processors, the award may take 1 to 3 days to process.

How to exchange your prizes

We already have an article on the Blog that talks about the exchanges and how they work, (you can go check it for more info) the way to obtain these does not vary much but to do a quick count it works this way.

The prizes range from $0.10 to $500.00 per transaction. Depending on the reward, the type of egg and the quantity may be different.

Here is a list of the prizes for you to check:

Prize: $0.10 Requirement: 10 White Eggs

Prize: $1.00 Requirement: 100 White Eggs

Prize: $5.00 Requirement: 100 Green Eggs

Prize: $15.00 Requirement: 100 Blue Eggs

Prize: $100.00 Requirement: 100 Black Eggs

Prize: $500.00 Requirement: 100 Golden Eggs

Advantages you can get by using Payeer

This fast, secure and versatile payment processor has been operating as an electronic wallet for more than 10 years and has positioned itself among the top of them with excellent security and efficiency in payments, if you still do not use it and are doubting to give it a try here I will tell you the advantages it has:

  • You can earn money with the affiliate service.
  • Creating the account is totally free.
  • Very low commissions for transactions between users.
  • Can be used without having Payeer verified.
  • Own exchange service.
  • Good support.
  • Good security.
  • App for mobile.
  • Large amount of coins.
  • Speed in payments and instant transactions both for the page and in general.


There is not too much disadvantages in payeer really, but one could be

  • The transactions you carry out are irreversible.

As you can see, being able to win some cash prizes in Monster Eggs is very simple, it would only require a little bit of desire and some time to enjoy your cash prizes and not only that, you can also choose to fill the album and win physical prizes! On this page you can almost only win and have fun. Now that you know everything about exchange, what are you waiting for to get your cash prizes? Do not forget to follow us and ask us any questions on social networks stay winning and stay spooky!!!

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