How to win some cash prizes by exchanging your Monster Eggs

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Hi! Would you like to earn some cash prizes at Monster Eggs? Imagine being able to play the game and getcash prizes for it, in this game there are several ways. An option is now available to exchange cash prizes for a certain amount of eggs obtained, it is an excellent option if you want to get extra cash playing online or you have already been playing regularly! Here I leave you all the information about it.

How to exchange them?

To exchange some type of cash prize first you have to reach a certain amount of eggs that are required on the game before requesting your prize, usually there are 100 and depending on the type of egg you can get different amounts of money.

Here are the possible prizes to get according to the type of egg

– Prize for 100 white eggs: $ 1.00
– Prize for 100 green eggs: $ 5.00
– Prize for 100 blue eggs: $ 15.00
– Prize for 100 black eggs: $ 100.00
– Prize for 100 golden eggs: $ 500.00

Possible methods to redeem the prizes for now: Payeer, Dogecoin, Google Play, Amazon, Steam.

How to get the different types of eggs?

To get the different types of eggs we must make our monsters lay white eggs. All monsters except the type S will put them, the more monsters we have with enough energy and coins (which are 10 and in the case of type S, 50 coins)
Getting the eggs of different colors is not a very complicated task, you just have to get enough white eggs to fuse them and climb the type of egg, it works like this:

* To get 1 green egg you will need to fuse 2 white eggs.
* To get 1 blue egg you will need to fuse 2 green eggs.
* To get 1 black egg you will need to fuse 2 blue eggs.
* To get 1 golden egg you will need to fuse 2 black eggs.

As you can see with dedication to the game you can get cash! In Monster Eggs there is no limit of exchanges so as long as you have the required eggs you can request your prizes unlimitedly, these will take 1 to 3 days to be processed so you can have that money in the payment method you have chosen, it is never too much to win playing on the internet. Do not forget to follow us on social networks and ask us any questions you have, now there is only play the game, win and stay spooky!!!

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