Special monsters! I show you how to get them.

Specials monsters

In this universe of fangs and fur, there are thousands of monsters of different shapes, sizes, types of power, styles and levels, but there are always monsters that stand out above the rest. This litter of unique monsters are known in the game as special monsters these monsters are incredibly strong, they are touching the top of the hierarchy rank in play which does not mean that they cannot be defeated, with a good technique knowing which monsters to use in the fights to win and patience you will be able to defeat your opponent but it does not mean that they cannot do the same to you, everything is in your ability.

For a moment I almost forgot to mention that they also have their own collection on the album, it does its part of collecting although it does not have prizes when it is completed and it is not included as a requirement to claim the prize of completing the entire album. Jeez that was close!

Let’s talk about how to get them

Talking about how to get them would not be a very arduous or difficult task, there are different ways to get them which I will tell you about right now:

  • Buy them in the store: The most basic and main way to have your special monsters in the cave is buying them in the exclusive items store. For now there are 5 special monsters waiting for you in the store (Personally, #S4 is my favorite) Special monsters are bought with diamonds, diamonds are a type of currency in the game superior to coins, you can get diamonds in the store, completing collections in the album or through the affiliate system.
  • Obtain them as prizes when filling collections: You can obtain special monsters by claiming the prizes for obtaining the common collections of the game, for example filling the album type A they offer you the opportunity a special monster #S6 a monster level 5 fire type, each of the collections allows you to win 1, 3 or 5 in the case of completing type E or the entire album.

Mini fact: There are also monsters that you can only obtain only in specific seasons.

  • Win them in a fight: As we already know when winning a fight you can take a monster from your opponent, if your opponent fights with a special monster and you win the battle you can select his monster and get it. I previously said that you can get a victorie over a rival with a monster special in their collection by taking the correct power to take life from the opponent and leave no chance of winning a round, you can beat him even if the opponent’s monster has more level, just make sure that it does not hurt you because it will take away a lot from your mosnter.

As you can see, the special monsters are a valuable item in the game but it does not mean that you cannot get yours, as I said with great skill you can win fights by getting one, buying them or winning them so you have no excuse to get them and take them to your cave. Do not forget to follow us on social networks, follow us and ask us any questions you need to resolve stay tune and stay spooky!!

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