Welcome to Monster eggs, let’s take a little tour of the game’s features

Hello! Excited to start this spooky adventure? here is a small tour so that you know a little more in detail about this new monstrous world, without much more talk let’s start!

When you open the page you will see some small boxes in which when you click they will show you a small information about each of the characteristics, here I will give you more details to get into the game, these would be:

  • Collect monsters: You can collect monsters which you can use to fight, every monster will have different levels which directly influence how much life will you take from the enemy in the fights.

Your monsters have different types of powers which vary between fire, plant and water. These powers follow a structure similar to the conventional rock – paper – scissors being that the water defeats the fire, the fire to the plant and the plant to the water to close the cycle.

  • Break or fuse eggs: Your monsters can lay eggs that are stored in the incubator, from there you can break them to obtain new monsters or use the fusion feature to create evolved eggs with higher levels that produce better monsters and thus be able to continue winning!
  • Go to fight with your monsters: You can put your monsters to the test by having them fight an opponent, but be careful! If you lose the opponent will take one of your monsters, although if you win you will be the one who will expand your collection!

There is also an important tool when you get into fight and this is the use of shields, an extremely valuable and exclusive object that allows you to protect 2 monsters from being awarded to your rival. Why only 2? This is because at the end of the game there will still be the rule of winning a monster from your opponents. These shields can only be purchased with diamonds from the Exclusive Item Shop and can be used indefinitely by activating them at the beginning of each game.

  • Complete your album and claim the prizes: Each monster when its egg is broken, gives you a letter from that same monster in your album, it does not matter if you lose that monster later, the letters remain in the album these are used to collect them and complete a series or the entire album and thus enjoy some honestly incredible physical and digital prizes!
  • Overcome minigames: In the game there are coins which fulfill different functions, one of them is to be able to buy the favorite food for your monsters their delicious burger so they can regenerate energy, they need it to lay an egg and to go to fight so feed them and fight!
  • Complete tasks: Another way to generate coins is by performing tasks such as viewing ads, completing surveys, installing apps and similar actions that will help you not run out of coins.
  • Invite your friends: Without a doubt, everything with the company of friends can generate great moments! By inviting them with your referral link you have a lot of benefits you can get for example 100 coins, 1 green egg, 10 diamonds and a type A monster.

Here I have left you a review of the main features of the game from here on, you have enough knowledge to start your collection and stay in Monster Eggs. If you need more information about other topics you can search for it right here on the blog, in the section of frequently asked questions (there is al lot of details and specifications to you) or ask us directly through social networks, right now there’s only one thing left have fun and stay spooky!

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