Learn more about Fights and how to win them!

Knowing the combat system is essential to achieve victories, it is extremely simple and in this article I will give you tips and info so that no one can ever take away any of your monsters! Or well almost never :)) here we go!

1) Use your more scary and higher level monsters and keep them fed:

Having the strongest monsters can help you to always have them at your disposal when you need them and know how to respond to your opponent’s attacks!

Also never let their energy go down, with 1 energy is enough just don’t run out of coins to buy their delicious hamburgers for your monsters and feeding them.

2 ) Get monsters with a monstrous level!:

When I talk about keeping your strongest monsters with energy I mean your highest level monsters. The battle system is based on your ability to predict what type of monster your opponent would choose to attack you, but more importantly, it is how much life you take from your rival, the amount of life remaining is linked to the level of the winning monster. If the winning monster is level 3, it will take 3 of life from the losing player. Having monsters with a high level to fight will define the percentage of victories that you can achieve.

3) Know in depth the powers of your monsters:

I guess you know the types of powers, If you do not know them I will explain them to you, there are 3 types of powers that a monster can have these are plant, fire and water, before a round you must choose 1 of each type (I recommend that all have high levels as we talked about before) the way in which They work is similar in structure to a rocks, paper and scissors, being that the fire beats the plant, the plant to the water and the water to the fire, so predicting what the opponent will draw is vital!

4) The use of shields to protect your monsters:

If you became a constant fan of the game and you are going to dedicate yourself to playing it thoroughly, you can always use exclusive items one of them is the shield, this is an important tool when it comes to protecting your monsters from being taken by your rival! You can protect 2 of your 3 monsters due to the fact that the game rule to deliver a monster will persist when losing, this shield is in the exclusive items store and you can only buy a limit of 2 and can be used an unlimited number of times, activating them at the beginning of a game.

Very well, here I have left you 4 complete keys so that you are almost a pro gamer worthy of playing in a Monster-Eggs esport! 😉 Thank you very much for reading the article! do not forget to visit the social networks of Monster-eggs, you can write us directly any questions you have and we will answer them faster than your Monster lays an egg, stay tune and stay spooky!!!

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