Monster-Eggs: fresh, comfortable and addictive!

Monster eggs is presented to you as a fresh, comfortable and addictive proposal, both for casual users and for those who are always looking for a little more than they play. Monster Egg looks like a comfy game but with enough features to make it genuinely engaging.

The satisfaction that collecting different types of monsters can generate is always pleasant, as evidenced by each installment of the Pokemon saga, the most recent Yo-kay watch saga or also reinventions of long trajectory games such as Monster Hunter in its title for Nintendo 3ds Monster Hunter Stories mobiles, Monster egg is presented as a simpler version but preserving that essence… And by the way seeing all these grouped together, highlights a clear advantage this game to all these games and is easy access from any computer or telephone, really you just go in, log in and you’re already in it, not to mention that it is not paid, it is a great alternative to hang out with something simple and have fun playing rock, paper and scissors, well, to be honest plant, fire and water because yes, like the games that i mention before, preserving their differences, they have that basic idea of ​​monsters with a different nature.

A little bit of characteristics

Speaking of characteristics they work very well generating game cycles to generate you desire to level up, you can spend the time fusing your monster eggs to create evolved eggs in order to fight and win and when you win you have the possibility of taking a monster from your opponent! Quite interesting competitive characteristic, making you appreciate your monsters and trying to have one with enough level to win by following the game cycle.

These same monsters need to feed to regente energy, and for this there is a system of minigames that you can play to earn coins and thus be able to feed them, coupled with this there are other ways to make more coins with extra activities such as installing apps, doing surveys, watching ads.

In addition to a collection of monsters, these same ones when they get out from the egg add a card from that monster to an album, when you complete a series or an entire album you can claim numerous prizes, but if we talk about characteristics when the word referred comes to mind the least you could think of is a game but this game includes an affiliate system they can be a very useful tool in terms of climbing rungs, they could, for example, get 10% of the item you buy your affiliate and 5 white eggs in the process plus 100 coins when you get a new active affiliate.

A comfy game…

In general, Monster Egg is proposed to the people as a simple and versatile casual video game reminiscent of great classics, as well as wrapping yourself under its own aesthetics and systems, a way of spending time that even very young children can understand and enjoy right there’s only one thing left and that is play the game so you can take your little adventure and opinion! And don’t forget visit our social networks stay tune and stay spooky!!

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